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Dr. Katie

Dr. Katie Ervin is the CEO of Catalyst Development and the bestselling author of You Might Be an Asshole… But It Might Not Be Your Fault! With over two decades of experience in human resources and organizational development, Dr. Katie is a thought leader in creating positive workplace cultures. Her doctoral research was on workplace motivation and employee satisfaction, and her Catalyst Workplace Model is the basis for our trainings. 

You Might Be An Asshole But It Might Not Be Your Fault
Dr. Katie's bestselling book

You Might Be an Asshole But It Might Not Be Your Fault!

Dr. Katie’s solution for developing leaders who might be unknowingly falling short. Follow Mike’s journey as he navigates the pitfalls of ineffective leadership and learns invaluable lessons. 

“Katie takes us on a journey where learning is around every corner. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or new to leadership, this is a must-read that you’ll enjoy every step of the way.” 
– David Brzozowski, Director of Training with TalentSmartEQ 

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What they're saying

Our team has really benefited from Dr. Ervin’s training and the psychological safety (acceptance) has been really beneficial to our team. 

Lynn Parman

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

I have never seen my team so excited and interested in finding new and creative ways to raise revenue! 

Joan Cabell

Alzheimer's Association

Katie has an authenticity and genuine approach to teaching leadership and practical life skills. She leaves a lasting impact on those around her, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!” 

Quincy King

RSM Marketing

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