How to be a doer

Do you want to be a doer?

There have been many situations over the last month where I have observed people in my life that are at a roadblock. It is so interesting to watch as the next step is in front of them. Some people are doers: they are going to run through that wall one way or another. Others will sit around and complain to anyone who will listen. Which one are you?

It is not always easy to find solutions, but you will feel satisfied with yourself if you find a way. This does not mean you have to do it by yourself. Ask for help! Usually asking questions will actually help you find solutions. 

Maybe it is a person at work who is holding up your progress. It can be that the person is always a roadblock, or maybe they don’t realize they are in the way. I have found that, more often than not, when I talk to the person we can get things resolved. If I can’t get it resolved with them, I will go around them or over them to find a solution. When I say talk, I mean actually talk to the person. Don’t email back and forth, because that can continue the misunderstandings. I know sometimes it is uncomfortable go see someone or pick up the phone and call, but it can save lots of time. Many times I hear people complain about a situation and when I ask them if they spoke to the other person they will say “well, I emailed them several times.” Just talk to them! 

Your roadblock may be that you don’t understand how something works or you’re unfamiliar with a process. That is ok. The internet is a powerful tool! Again, I often find people asking questions because they are too lazy to go back to read an email or do a little research on their own. I love finding solutions to challenges that I never thought I would figure out. 

Years ago, my boss returned from a trip to Thailand and left his laptop in the airplane seat back. He was freaking out! I saw this as a massive challenge, but I was determined to tackle it. I found phone numbers for all kinds of people at DFW airport and Delta airlines then just started calling. I led off every call the way I still do now when I am working on a problem. I always say “I am not sure you’re the right person, and I apologize if you’re not, but I have an issue and I desperately need your help!” I have found that phrase usually puts that person in some power position and most people will work hard to help you find solutions. Within a week his laptop had been to Thailand and back then eventually made its way back to him. Delta even had a driver bring it to my boss’s house on a Saturday afternoon. I know this is an extreme case but it shows that if you can make big things happen, the little things are so much easier. 

Be a doer! Get things done. Don’t stand around and complain. Find solutions! Ask for help. You can do it!

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