Can you control it?

Throughout my career, I have seen this all the time. We get frustrated over things that are out of our control. We feel that we can add value or improve a process. Sometimes we can, and it’s great when it happens. Other times, we can only add input, give our opinions and accept that it is out of our control. This is not easy to do, especially if you are used to having influence in other positions or other times in your life. It can be a struggle that will get in your way if you allow it. 

In order to get past this and not be frustrated, we must first accept that we cannot control everything. We cannot do it all or always have our voices heard. That can be hard and humbling. 

The next step is determining what you can control. When you find that something, then you can change your behavior. Focus your energy on the areas where you can have an impact. Then you can start an action plan on how you can make that happen. It may mean accepting your situation and staying in your current role. It may also mean looking for other opportunities, whether it is changing jobs or looking for ways outside of work to fulfill your needs. 

Finally, find a way to keep yourself healthy and growing. Take care of your stress and develop your skills to be ready for that next step. The time will come when you have influence. You want to be sharp and ready. This might just be a lull in your journey. Don’t get discouraged. The most beautiful thing in the world is change – it’s the only thing we can rely on.

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