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Catalyst Development is rooted in intentional workforce skill-building at all stages and levels.

Katie Ervin, Jenna Scott, and Emma Blankenship are Kansas City's best leadership consultants

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Excellence in Leadership Development

Dr. Katie Ervin, leadership consultant

Dr. Katie Ervin

Katie is the founder and CEO of Catalyst Development. She has over two decades of experience in leadership development and organizational growth. Our work at Catalyst is based in Katie’s research on workplace motivation and employee satisfaction. 

Leadership Training, Coaching, and Speaking

What We Do

  • Mid-career, senior leaders and executives. Working with leaders who are ready to pivot their career and be strong strategic leaders.  Build your power skills and inspire your team. 
  • Coaching process:
    • Working Genius and Emotional intelligence assessment
    • Personal branding exercise
    • Discovery Session
    • Coaching development plan
    • Monthly coaching sessions
    • Post Self-Assesement
  • Work with organizations to customize training programs to fit their needs. These trainings include skill building and leadership development.  Whether it be a lunch and learn or year long development program, we use practical, hands-on learning that can be applied immediately. 
  • Topics include:
    • Leader development-turning your best employees into great leaders.
    • Team building employing the Working Genius Model
    • Power skills development
  • Organizational partnering is the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement. We can help with:
    • Operational effectiveness
    • HR practices
    • Training and development programs
    • Strategic planning and implementation

Various topics available. Contact us and ask!

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A few of our amazing clients

Workforce and Leadership Development

Dr. Katie Ervin's Career and Power Skills

Lead – How do you lead?

  • Integrity
  • Authenticity
  • Humility
  • Responsibility
  • Dependability
  • Commitment
  • Self-motivation

Engage – How do you communicate?

  • Clarity
  • Respect
  • Verbal/Non-Verbal/Written
  • Kindness
  • Active listening
  • Cooperation
  • Coordination

Accept – How do you belong?

  • Psychological safety
  • Unconscious bias
  • Trust
  • Raising awareness
  • Being diversity brave
  • Cultural intelligence
  • Cultural inclusion

Develop – How do you work with others?

  • Analysis/logical reasoning
  • Lateral thinking
  • Initiative/Persistence
  • Persuasion
  • Negotiation
  • Brainstorming/Creativity
  • Interpersonal skills

Effective – How do you get it done?

  • Goal setting
  • Prioritizing/planning
  • Decision making
  • Focus
  • Collaboration/Idea exchange
  • Organization
  • Delegation

Resilient – How do you pivot?

  • Curiosity
  • Agility
  • Self-management
  • Optimism
  • Open-mindedness
  • Self-confidence
  • Stress management/Coping

Personal Skill building – How will you get there?

Our team has really benefited from Dr. Ervin's training and the psychological safety (acceptance) has been really beneficial to our team.

Lynn Parman, NAIA
Employees working together

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