Stop trying to change the world!

I just had the most amazing conversation with a new leader in my area. She came to me out of frustration and desperation. She did not know where to go for answers, and while she knew I could not give her answers because I don’t work in her organization, she was lost. We spent about 30 minutes talking about her problems. At the end, she said, I used to think I could change the world. To this, I have a simple answer. STOP TRYING TO CHANGE THE WORLD!

Focus on your area of influence. How can you have a positive impact on those around you? You will make a difference if you start small and build. Be kind to others. Be supportive of others. Be present to what is happening around you. Be positive. When we do these things, we can change a person’s life. When we change their life, the ripple effect sends our message to the world. Every person we assist is our success story. 

We can make a difference! Stop focusing on changing the world and focus on changing someone’s path right in front of you! When we do this, we truly make a difference!

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