Dr. Katie Ervin is a certified Working Genius Facilitator

Using the Working Genius to change the way you build teams

You might have the right team in the wrong seat

Sometimes people ask me why I chose to become a certified facilitator for the 6 Types of Working Genius.

Throughout my career, I have had to have some really difficult conversations with people as we realize they are in the wrong jobs.  It could be they have the right skills but not the passion for the organization or they might have a passion for the organization but not the right skills.  This is exactly why my research dives deeply into workplace motivation and employee satisfaction, and it’s why I became a certified Working Genius facilitator.  I love exploring how we can create an organization where people feel like they belong, have the tools to do the job, and are given the autonomy to get it done. The Catalyst Workplace Model, which I created from my research, unlocks the method behind creating that kind of organization.   

The Catalyst Workplace Model is a practical model that we can easily apply in the workplace.  The key to the model is this truth: it’s all about your people.  Who are your people? What are their needs? These questions allow leaders to build strong teams. Going hand in hand with my model, the Working Genius is a productivity tool that helps you give your people the language to describe the way they love to work.

When I was introduced to the Working Genius Model by the Table Group, I knew as soon as I took the assessment that it would be a game changer in how I build my own team as well as how I help organizations be more productive, efficient, and happy.  This inexpensive tool allows us to understand where people get energy at work and where their frustrations lie. 

In the Working Genius model, I am a galvanizer and discerner.  I love to get people excited about ideas, and I can trust my gut to make quick decisions.  I knew this about myself, but I never had the words to describe it.  While this was great to know, it was not the key to what made me immediately adopt the tool.  It is when I realized my frustrations are tenacity and wonder.  I struggle with the fine details and pushing things across the finish line.  I also get frustrated sitting around asking “why”.  Knowing this has allowed me to lean into my frustrations and hire people to fill my gaps.   

When we work with teams to understand their geniuses and frustrations and then map out their geniuses and frustrations, we are able to get the right people in the right seats.  We are also able to understand how we get work done and be more efficient in our meetings.  Using the Working Genius allows us to release frustrations and increase productivity by allowing people to do the work that gives them energy.  It also is important for crucial conversations.  We can go into coaching conversations to understand how our people are more productive and find ways to help assist them in their career journey.   

If you’re interested in working with us to add the Working Genius to your organization’s toolkit, send us a message! We’d love to help your team succeed. 

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